Honey, I shrunk the skiff

Here’s a model of the skiff. We’ve borrowed this from Alec to show the primary school kids as they can’t come to the workshop – and we can’t take the skiff to school half built.

We have a hull!

Andres writes:As many of you have been in to help you will know that we have completed the hull, the outer stems have been laminated and the keel shaped. We are getting ready to glue the laminated outer stems and keel to the boat this week and we hope to start painting the hull on Monday 3 May.  Steve has agreed to come in every day for a week in order to get 5 coats of paint on before we turn her over around the 10th May.We have made a good start on the oars, Steve has one almost ready, which we can use to make the next 5 oars (we are making 6 in case we snap a few on the first race).We are on target to attend the first regatta in Anstruther on Saturday 29 May.Here are some photos. There are some of the final plank and the completed hull:

Nick’s contraption to plane the botom of the boat to take the keel (its a 4′ plane with a massive and sharp blade attached to some gash timber and a level gaffer tapped on!) which has given a really good result:

The lamination of the outer stems:

And some photos from yesterday when we planed the squares for the oars (lovely quarter sawn, close grain, clear slow grown Douglas fir).