Join Us

Join us

Want to row?

You’re welcome to join us! We row for exercise, for fun and the craic. Some of us also train to race against other coastal communities, but we don’t take racing too seriously – unless we win. The regatta season runs from May to August.

Rowporty is open to everyone (over 16) – absolutely no rowing experience required.

Getting started…

Non-members & newcomers: You’re welcome to join us for 2 Sunday sessions to try rowing out. It’s also our policy that you have attended 2 of these Sunday rowing sessions before you start signing up to any of the other rowing sessions.

  • First you need to join our Forum & Calendar system (called BigTent);
  • Once you’ve joined BigTent, login to BigTent, navigate to the Rowporty Calendar (on the ‘Buzz‘ page);
  • On the calendar, click on the date of the Sunday session you want to join
  • Then below the calendar, click on the link to ‘Sunday Social Rowing’ & follow the instructions to sign up for rowing – remember to click ‘submit rsvp‘ to confirm.
  • You’ll receive an email on the Saturday with the time of your rowing slot, which will also be posted on the ‘Buzz‘ page of BigTent.
  • Turn up either on the beach at the foot of Bath Street, or if you are in the first boat, at the boatyard nearby.

If you want to keep on rowing after trying it, you’ll need to join the Portobello Sailing & Kayaking Club. We hope you will!

If you have any difficulty signing up please contact Pam MacDiarmid & I’ll do my best to help.


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