Good looking boat WLTM rowers for fun and sport

Whether you’re an experienced rower, or have never set foot in a boat in your life – you can row for Portobello!

Don’t worry if you’ve never rowed before – we’re still trying to work it out!
Our first boat is nearly finished and we’re now looking for crew – rowers and coxes – for upcoming races and events over the summer. We’re taking the boat to Anstruther on the 29th May, and hopefully to Portsoy at the end of June, North Berwick at the end of August.We’re planning to field teams in the following categories:

  • Open Women,
  • Open Men,
  • Women over 40,
  • Men over 40,
  • Mixed Open,
  • Mixed Over 40s.

To find out more and to put your name down, contact Andrew Leslie <>.If you can row properly – and would be interested in giving us advice and coaching – even just as a one-off, that would great too!We’ll also be having regular social and practice rowing events at Portobello, details to follow.By the way, you don’t have to live in Portobello – we welcome people from Edinburgh and other suburbs of Portobello!

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