Porty Regatta Results

Andres writes:
Dear Skiff Friends from Anstruther, Achiltibuie, North Berwick, Port Seton and Newhaven, 
Firstly thank you for making the Portobello regatta a resounding success.  Portobello is buzzing with talk about the skiff races and the event we pulled off on the weekend, there is already talk of doing it again next year!
I would like to thank the Port Seton syndicate for all their help with setting out the course, lending rowers to other teams and a special thanks for the delicious lobsters which were enjoyed by those that were still standing at the end of the clear up. You probably should have also got medals for the over 60’s category as we all agree the Newhaven team included some rather young over 60’s.
Achiltibuie made a big effort to attend and they lead the way in quality racing with kabes and long oars winning the Mens Open category and having a very very close heat in the Women 40+ category.  We hope to make a trip up to see you in May for a weekend of exploring and fishing.
Anstruther retain the Mixed 40+ crown and had an excellent heat in the Women’s 40+ beating Portobello and only just loosing to Port Seton in the final. We hope to have matched the great hospitality we received at the hands of Barbara and Alan at the inaugural regatta at Anstruther earlier in the summer.  Alec, I hope you enjoyed your day without having to do any organising whatsoever 😉
North Berwick looked strong from the start and despite many members being on holiday were able to attend and take part.  There were no medals for you this time, but you had a convincing win in the Women’s Open heat, beating Achiltibuie.  We enjoyed having you both days and I think Issy’s pup was pampered all afternoon by several of the Portobello children.  We look forward to taking part at the North Berwick event in August 28 and 29; see you then.
Newhaven, who despite not having a boat on the water yet where able to win the Men 40+ heat! well done Gert and others.  Let’s hope this gives your team the motivation to have your boat at North Berwick next month.
We hope you have all arrived home safely, especially North Berwick and Port Seton who rowed over to Port Seton yesterday as the wind was picking up.  Port Seton, you were lucky to get an Easterly on Friday and then a Westerly on Sunday; good planning!
From all of us here in Portobello many thanks to you all for coming to our beach this year and I suggest you pencil in a trip to Portobello next July.


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