Don’t fancy rowing in this weather?

They keep rowing through the winter in Finland:

Portobello High Street seemed icy enough this evening – but can we get a sled big enough for four rowers and an cox built in time?

Thanks to Rowing for Pleasure

Alternatively perhaps we could fit snow tires to these:

Perhaps we could even get a five seater version – a quindem? – and the crew could tow Icebreaker to regattas next year?

Of course there’s no need for RowPorty to remain earth- or water-bound:

Apparently this world first human-powered-flapping-wing-flying-machine uses the same mechanism as the tandem above.

One thought on “Don’t fancy rowing in this weather?

  1. if anyone is suffering from excess energy please, please clear me a path through the snow – my wheels are keeping me indoors and I am about to chew through the walls! You don’t have to use oars; I have a spade…

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