Rowporty at Portsoy 2014

22 adults, 13 kids, 2 dogs and several tents arrived at the beachside campsite on Friday night viewing the wind and waves with trepidation. The following morning a downpour ensued and the waves rose higher. The races were cancelled and rowers looked crestfallen. The Portsoy team staged an improvised ‘dressage’ event in the New Harbour with impressive imagination. One boat at a time the teams rowed forward 9 boat-lengths, did a 360° turn, rowed backwards, then performed a 180° turn before racing to the finish line. The command of the cox (and crews’ ability to follow orders) was crucial: for some it was smooth, for others like dodgems…

Rowporty did well winning the Women’s Open (in Ulla) and the Mixed Open in JS. The men’s open team also raced in Ulla but were pipped to the post by one second by Boatie Blest – not bad given that the rudder broke mid race!

By popular request (well Wendy Clements’), the whole crew – kids and all – performed the sea shanty at the ‘award ceremony’ spurring on Port Seton to sing each time they were called up as winners! A lovely touch was the presentation of a net of handpainted stones to each club who attended.

Then the sun came out and BBQ and bonfires ensued – for some lasting well into the night… notwithstanding, 7 of the Club – including Lewis – set out on Sunday morning in a downpour to run the Herring Run 10k. Happily the weather soon changed for the better and for the rest of the day.

More alternative races were concocted for day 2 of the regatta as the waves were still high. Two boats at a time raced (bounced) from the harbour entrance, around separate buoys and back. As there were 15 boats competing there were quite a few outings – the fastest time over all being the winners in the category:

Mixed open – Boatie Blest 3:59
Womens 40+ – Rowporty 4:10
Mens 40+ – Boatie Blest 3:25

Boatie Blest/Port Seton were the overall winners of the regatta with North Berwick and Rowporty sharing second place. There is a great write up on the SCRA website with links to fantastic pictures taken by the Eskmuthe crowd. You can see photos of the whole Portsoy Boat Festival experience here.

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