Portobello Regatta 10th of June 2017

Portobello’s Coastal Rowing Club “Rowporty” will be holding a regatta on Saturday June 10th, on the beach at Portobello in front of its boatyard at the bottom of Bath Street. The community club has invited teams from around the Firth of Forth and the programme has been designed to provide fun events along with competitive racing and of course the customary legendary food and cake stall.



Dear Skiffers

Thank you again for registering for the 2017 Rowporty community regatta.The aim is to have fun with competition and below you will find details for arrival and the day. Clubs attending are Eastern, North Berwick, Port Seton, Kinghorn, St. Andrew’s, Eskmuthe, Newhaven and Dunbar. Win medals and have fun!

Best wishes

Rowporty Regatta Committee


Parking : local car parks are in Bridge Street and by Tumbles off West Bank Street and also there is parking in Kings Road.

Toilets : Public toilets are available in Bath Street near the traffic lights. Also toilets are located towards the West of the prom just before the flats and Kilns. Portobello Baths are also making available their toilets for rowers on the day. This is between the boatyard and John Street.

Boat arrival and plan for those boats arriving by trailer for the day :

Arrive at the bottom of John Street in good time and you will be met by a Rowporty green topped beach – master :-). We will take the trailers with tractor to the beach and boats will be brought to the start line which is the low tide mark and trailers parked on the beach by the promenade wall.

The first race starts at 10.20 so it would be ideal if boats arrive between 8.30 and 9.30 in John Street. Each club will have a designated place on the beach marked with club name. The Cox’s Briefing will be at the boatyard at 10.00am.

Food and drink : Bacon rolls will be available for the early birds and we will be offering hot food for lunch and tea/coffee/cakes throughout the day in the boatyard by the Beach House cafe.

Following Anstruther’s lead we would encourage you bring your own “mug” for tea/coffee to save too much waste and to maintain our green image :-). Also it would help us if you brought plenty of loose change for purchases :-).

Raffle : There will be a raffle for prizes donated by the Promenade hostelries namely Dalriada, Espy, Miros, Crumbs and the Tide Cafe . Tickets available at the food/tea tent and prizes awarded at the evening medal ceremony. The Beach House cafe next to the boatyard are also supporting us on the day and helping with facilities.

Medals: With a lot of medals to award we will need to be expeditious and therefore will have two medal ceremonies, one during the lunch break and the other after the last race.

Race Information: A club registration desk will be in the boat yard. The races from the beach will vary in length depending on the state of the tide. Relay race: This will require two teams from each club, each team to include at least two female rowers. Conventional life jackets will be swapped on shore ensuring that no life jacket is undone in the boat. Interclub Mixed race: Each club to nominate 4 rowers, two men and two women, boats to be coxed by club coxes.


Portobello Regatta Race Schedule

Time & Category

10.00 Cox’s Briefing

10.20 Novice Mixed

10.40 60+ W

11.00 60+ M

11.20 60+MX

11.40 45+M

12.00 Lunch and First Medal ceremony

12.20 Picnic Class Race

13.00 45+W

13.20 45+MX

13.40 Open M

14.00 Open W

14.20 Open Mx

15.00 Inter club Mx

15.30 Relay Mx

16.00 Final Medal Ceremony

Singing Competition : The day is not over after the presentation of medals, later at 8 pm in the Dalriada Bar there will be an inter-club sea shanty singing competition in the front garden of the promenade bar. Rowporty’s inimitable Murdo Macleod is choirmaster for Rowporty. The Dalriada is on the promenade, a 5 minute walk further east from John Street where you will arrive with your boats and trailers. The competition will be judged by accomplished local musicians and the Dalriada cup presented to the winners. This is an optional event but we do hope Rowporty will have some competition:-)

Later : At 9 pm The Dalriada have the GTs playing in the bar, highly acclaimed local maestros to continue the evening and if making it a weekend.

The Portobello 4 mile beach race starts on Sunday at 10 outside the Dalriada. You can enter on the day with registration at 9.00 am. Perfect way to burn off excess post race cakes and beer :-).

Thanks go to the local establishments for their support and also to the PSKC sailing club and Eastern Rowing Club who are both helping us with rescue boat duties and other tasks on the day as needed. We hope you have fun and that the weather is on our side. We are sure it will be wonderful community event.

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