Rowporty’s Festival Row to Inchkeith.

Saturday 10th August

The weather forecast had been promising The Tempest but what we got was more of a Midsummer’s Night Dream (but in the day time obviously) along with some more buttered scones and the crowing of cockerels from within the depths of old wartime fortifications.

Jenny Skylark, Icebreaker, Old Salt and Pascual made best of finding themselves at the fulcrum of a spin cycle of thundery weather – that had ladled a yellow weather warning over much of the country. We sat centred in sunshine and circumnavigated Inchkeith island.

Anna Mackenzie was visiting from the Hebrides and we were eager to show that there were islands lurking a short shift just shy of the capital. She had shown us heather hills and silver beaches up north – we showed her centuries of decay and dereliction. This time the gulls didn’t mind us so much. With a sharp Knife Amanda freed a juvenile from an albatross of plastic that had garlanded itself around its neck. Soon darker clouds loomed distant and just like the previously plentiful puffins, razor bills and guillemots, we were gone.

Murdo Macleod 11 August 2019

More Pics from Murdo and …

… and from Margaret

Well done MC and Amanda for capturing the stricken gull chick. Once we managed to cut the stringy stuff that was binding its two legs together, we realised it was wrapped further around its body and attached to a shell embedded into its neck! It waddled off happily on release.

Thanks everyone for making it a really enjoyable adventure – its taken me eight years to get to Inchkeith! It’s either been cancelled or I’ve not been around to join in on previous occasions. It’s a fascinating place. Jude described it as a ‘ghost town’. We were so lucky with the day. Particular thanks to Murdo and the Skippers.

Margaret O’Neil

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