AGM does not spell DULL

Dear Friends of Portobello Sailing & Kayaking Club – which includes all skiffers!

Please join us for our annual AGM on Tuesday March 1st 7.30pm at The Beach House, 57 Bath Street, Edinburgh, EH15 1HE. See the Notice and resolutions attached.  

The three letters ‘AGM’ can sometimes spell the word ‘DULL’ to people and yes there is a bit of official business to get through. However it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes after which we will have the opportunity to meet and chat with you, our friends and members; to tell you our plans for 2011 and to hear of your ideas and thoughts and about the club and its potential.

We will be having a discussion on sailing, rowing and kayaking – so here’s your chance to tell us what would you would like to see happen. We already have lots of plans for sailing courses and regular racing, a major rowing regatta and more kaying courses.

You will even get the chance to see our new kayaks and have a glass or two of something(!) 

All members are invited. We particularly welcome new comers who can join on the night.

We look foward to seeing you there.


Kind regards


The Directors

One thought on “AGM does not spell DULL

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