Eskmuthe Regatta – Sat 1st Aug

RowPorty attended the Fisherrow fun regatta organised by our wonderful nearest skiffing neighbours, Eskmuthe, on Saturday 1st August.

A hardy crew rowed down, arriving when we were still awaiting the tide to come in sufficiently to begin racing, so it was a bit of a wade ashore through a goopy seaweed layer that stayed at the water’s edge all day – and reminded RowPorty folk how incredibly lucky we are in Porty – so close and a different beach altogether.

The first race was Mixed Open, Laura, Sean, Peter and I were ably coxed by post-Ali/SCRA training cox supremo Sandra S, to a respectable third, behind Port Seton (1) and North Berwick (2).
The next race was the women’s open, Pam, Sandra S, Amanda and Rebecca racing to a second, very narrowly beaten by Port Seton.

The next race was the mens open, with Bill, Christopher, Fraser and Sean, with our second Ace cox called Sandra of the day, Sandra A. Place?

The decades race had Rebecca for 30s, ? ? and ?. Place?
The weather then turned its good mood off, and chucked down huge quantities of water, some frozen, in a short space of time, in fast moving air. So a break in Fisherrow Yacht clubhouse was just the ticket, while some of us huddled in the minute beach shelter tent, or helped Eskmuthe gather kit and stow it out of the weather. Those coxes jackets make staying out fine, it is like wearing a centrally heated tent.

The sun came out again in time for one last race, the pick and mix. Such a nice way to get to know people from other clubs, even if only momentarily.

Eskmuthe had made really lovely medals from post-build parts of Steedie Falconer. (picture), Port Seton got the majority!

While we didn’t manage any firsts rowing, RowPorty did triumph in the last competitive event of the day, the Tug of war. There were heats, which meant the RowPorty crew of 4 men and 3 women (we asked if that was to make it fair to the men? But it was teams of 7.) Anyway, our magnificent seven was ably coached by Fraser who helped us show our strength, stamina and ability to work together with tactics, and winning three times in a row, to victory. Exhausting and used a whole batch of new muscles which still ache on Monday! But fun.

Fabulous baking, rolls and coffee, and a marvelous tombola too, with superb salesmanship and general cheer from the younger Eskmuthe club members.

Some RowPorty folk rowed the boat home, others drove back to collect rowers, or get to dry clothes. The upside of staying on, a bit salty, sandy and seaweedy about the feet, was great craic in the bar with Port Seton, and then an amazing evening of performances by Eskmuthe. Amazing talent, I cannot imagine singing and playing the guitar after organising a regatta and dealing with hurricane-feel squalls. Eskmuthe said they’d let us know if they were having another social evening – can’t recommend it highly enough. Brilliant end to a great fun day.

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